Alien landing site in Minsk

631 Views - Published on - March 28, 2015 by Vera

Every major city in the world should have an iconic dramatic and memorable landmark. There is Eiffel Tower in Paris, Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, Opera House in Sydney, Leaning Tower in Pisa, Clock Tower in London and there is The National Library of Belarus in Minsk. London – Paris – Barcelona and…. Minsk? Seriously?? Yes!!


Just take a look at this awesome piece of architecture that reminds me of an alien space-ship, which had landed in the outskirts of Minsk. Actually I am pretty sure that the construction of the whole new district in the surroundings was in order to conceal the landing of the space-ship, and the ship itself was disguised as library. Do you remember Men In Black – they organized the World’s Fair as a cover-up for the flying saucers. Exactly the same story. Now the question is: What happened to the aliens? And how do Belorussians deal so easily with their money with so many zeros? These are two questions. Ah, whatever!

The local story goes that the project was designed some 25 years ago, in the end of the 80s, and it took them more than 15 years to create that piece of architecture. In order to collect money for the construction the government imposed a special tax on every citizen of the country. Thus every single Belorussian of that time willingly or unwillingly contributed to the construction of the new city icon.

The 23-storey futuristic building is over 72 meters tall. Panoramic elevator cabin will take you to the observation platform on top from where you can admire the city view and have a drink at the coffee bar after that. Frankly speaking all you will see from above is a brand new city district and construction sites, but the feeling that you have inside the library is entrancing, it is inspiring and definitely worth visiting.

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