Blue jeans, mama, Tallinn…

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You might have heard that things might not be what they seem or everything that glitters is not gold. And these kind of sayings are not hypothetical at all. But why Blue Jeans, mamma, Tallinn?

We all know that June 1st is the first day of summer or let’s say official summer. And guess what, we always expect summer to be warm. But trust me summer is a very relative phenomenon. It is inversely proportional to the number of degrees north or south of the equator. The higher that number the colder the summer gets.
Now this has nothing to do with Tallinn, or maybe just a little bit. But step out of there and the story changes.
Let me yet remain there. But to remain there I have to get there. So one fine very late spring day I got out of home to go to Tallinn. My boat was scheduled to leave the city, where I live, at 13:00. By the way the ride to Tallinn from there is just one hour and forty minutes.

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The fiasco started before even I got on the boat. I miscalculated a few details and as a result I had to run for about two kilometers from the railway station to the boat terminal. So sweating and hardly breathing, with my mackintosh in one hand, my small backpack over my right shoulder and probably a look of relief in my eyes I did make it through the boarding hatch or the boat’s door just a couple of minutes before it would had left me behind and would had gone to Tallinn to disappoint her, her and the city.
Just settling in, I went to the boat’s cafe to buy something to bring down my temperature. I bought a glass of the golden drink, which many consider evil, but I call holy. So I drank one glass of “holy nectar” and by the time I had reached the depth of holiness, I understood that I needed more to grab the essence of it.
So the time on the ferry passed very swiftly and soon some men and women in uniforms were telling everybody to get off the vessel. I was so much into nectar philosophy that I did not want to get off, but to continue my contemplation, however, circumstances often dictate our actions.
As soon as I got off the boat I saw my host, Helen, who was there to pick me up. I waved, came up to her extended my hand for a shake, but my tongue was captivated by the nectar, so I had to limit my words and I think she could figure it out.
blue jeans, blue sky
Then I asked the nectar to excuse my brain, so that I could ask her about her plans. And when she told me that we were to go back to her place, where a friend was already waiting. I found some lame excuse that I wanted to take photos, so that she would leave me in the old city. I did take a few photos, before I left the old town and found a place, where they sold half liter glasses of the golden delight for just 2.8€. Well I got to Tallinn from a city where the same glass costs around 7€. So I treated myself to a lot of Saku (the local holy water).
By the time I got the SMS from my friend, to meet up, the nectar had taken over not only my brain, but my legs and the rest of me. So I had to fight that battle of body and mind, just to get up from there and get to the market square (Raekoja Plats).

blue jeans
The vana tallinna päevad (Old Tallinn Days) festivities were in full swing. The square was pretty much filled with the city’s residents and tourists and they all enjoyed the theatrical performances, music, dance and the fire show.
Interestingly enough, they have this Estonian liquor called “Vanna Tallinn” and since I know no Estonian, my first thought was that this was a liquor festival. So you can guess how enthusiastic I must had been. But unfortunately my lack of knowledge ditched me. So my interest drained, when I understood that it had nothing to do with liquor, but the happenings were even more interesting than liquor so we stayed on.

blue jeans, at the festival
I was stretching my camera to capture the moment, when the three of us turned into four of us. Well the new addition was Katia.
The petit new acquaintance had shoulder long hair, blue jeans jacket and a serious face. And to tell you the truth my camera was already tired and wanted me to pack it and go worship in the cathedral of the golden dragon.
This time the four of us went to a place, which even had one liter mugs of tasty beer. As the beer started flowing, so did our conversation. Soon I offered Katia to make a bond with me. Don’t rush, I just asked for a “Hair Bond”. Well the idea was that I would shave my long hair from the left side, whereas she would sacrifice her short hair from the right side.
But even after two litters of beer, she did not agree and held strong against the idea of bonding. Listening to her refusals, I could not help remembering a good old, Russian movie, from 1961, called “Человек амфибия (The amphibian)”: Я хотел подарить тебе весь мир, а ты не хотела даже такую малость…” (I wanted to give you the whole world, but you refused the least of it…).
Well in my attempts to bond with Katia, I did, what I knew I should not have done. We all took a shot of tequila. And as always tequila killed the fire in my eyes and soon we were in a taxi going back and on the way Katia got off near her place and I didn’t even know. Probably it was not because of tequila that I didn’t notice her getting off. But it was because we did not have the Hair Bond.
After we got back home my Old Tallinn Day ended abruptly and I have no memories of anything that happened until the morning. And in the morning I discovered something’s which I will not tell you, because you might be eating while reading this.
It was not hot, not even warm and rainy, but it was heart warming in Tallinn.
You might be wondering that I have told you about Tallinn and Katia, but I did not mention Mama. Well my friends this I will tell you the next time I come around to Tallinn.

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blue jeans, shining sun

blue jeans, blue sky