Budapest: a must on your itinerary…

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Watch photos from Budapest

As I wrote earlier, we had three probable directions leading to three “B” cities of Bucharest, Belgrade and Budapest out of Cluj Napoca. We had come to Cluj Napoca from Bucharest, so going back was not an option. This left us with two choices. We wanted to head out to Belgrade, because first of all the street where we live in Saint-Petersburg is named after this capital city. Secondly it had been a long time since I had returned to Belgrade. The last time that I went to Belgrade was when it was the capital of Yugoslavia and today it is the capital of Serbia. So this demanded for a visit.

But unfortunately we did not have visas to enter Serbia, so our choices shrank down to one destination. We would had come to Budapest anyway after Belgrade, so we turned our backs on the other options and headed straight into Budapest.

Budapest initially presents a very gloomy picture. Despite the fact that Hungary was one of the first Eastern bloc countries to enter the European Union and in the 90s had the fastest growing economies among the ex-socialist states, it had come to a stand still at some point of time. Budapest is probably the only city where metro (subway) entrance points are guarded physically by guards (ticket checkers). In other cities, either there is not system of entry control or there are tourniquets to control the passenger flow.

Watch photos from Budapest

So first shocker was the metro. Then the tram, which still uses the old Soviet style punching machines for tickets. But for me as a resident of a third world country the mere fact of presence of a scheduled public transport system was good enough.
Our room at the hostel in Budapest

The good thing about Hungary is that although a member of the European Union and Schengen Convention it still is not expensive at all. It is probably the most in-expensive place within Europe. If you want to have quality dental job for which you have to pay from your pocket, head to Hungary.

The hostel where we stayed cost us just 3.5Euros per person. You can’t even imagine such rates anywhere in Europe. This place was not inexpensive, because it was mud-hole. You can see that it is a perfectly normal, clean place.

The beer is so much inexpensive that you can stay in Hungary for a couple of days and do nothing but drink beer. The local beer, which you can see in the album, is of a very good quality and it suited my taste buds perfectly.

What else did we see during our short stay in Budapest? Well I’m not going to write about it. You can see everything in the Budapest album.

See the photos and have fun! See you soon at another place…