Bus ride from Tehran to Istanbul

506 Views - Published on - August 1, 2013 by Raza Ali

The bus ride from Tehran to Istanbul was like a ride out of summer into winter, out of desert into mountains, out of restrictions into freedom, especially for the female part of humanity!!!.

The journey was comfortable and visually monotonous until we crossed into Turkey. The Iranian-Turkish border terminal is located on the two ends of the same building, so once you get to the border you need to get out of the bus with your baggage, go into the Iranian side of the terminal, go through with all the immigration formalities and then cross into the Turkish side.

The most worth mentioning is the staff at the Turkish border terminal. We needed visas on arrival, so we were led into a back room, where the immigration shift rested and I mean the word rest with a capital R! Two of the immigration officers were holding joysticks and bothering their Playstation.  Another one was watching some movie. One was busy chatting online and an older one was just sitting with his legs stretched on the table and smoking.

They were a little bothered by us disturbing their routine, but they very professionally searched for the long lost rubber stamp, to stamp a visa in my passport and with the combined effort of two of the officers they succeeded in wetting the dried-out rubber stamp and finally stamped the visa, which carried “visa № 1″…

Another friend, Abdul Qadir, came across the same border a couple of months after us and this time the stamp did not need damping!

I am a little lazy these days and don’t feel like writing much, so…

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