Athens: Impression

595 Views - Published on - November 17, 2015 by Vera

For the last ten minutes I have been staring at my monitor screen, as if under a spell, observing the stacks of chalky residential boxes, in the first image.
It is an infinite pleasure to look at. Your eye runs chaotically from one spot in the image to the other, occasionally stopping for keen observation.
This countless multitude of houses, windows, people, lives, stories…
The city looks like a freaky monster. These streets bring a promise of dangerous happenings, a spirit of risky adventures roams over the flat roofs and they invite you to join in right away.
Intuition calls: Hey you, hold on, yeah. Better not get into it and enjoy all the beauty from a safe distance. Well, generally speaking, it’s all as it is…


And this is not just about a single image. The City of Gods had always been host to magnificence, intrigues, romances, jealousies, vengeance and what not…



Looking at the city from the view point of the gods, one understands how the gods must have felt striking the mortals with thunderbolts, descending down the stairs of grandeur to copulate with mortal beauties and leaving behind demigods.

The demigods met mortality, but the city still holds evidence to the cultural heritage of the ancient times. One could spend tons of time, sitting on top of the city and contemplating.