As I entered the room behind Asghar, and waived a general “Hi” to everyone present, I counted at least 8 […]

The train eased into a dead-end platform of Moscow’s Kazansky Railway Station. On the way from Ryazan, we had entered […]

“Hello. I am Dr Last. Dr Alexander Last.”The sound of this introduction, made me feel, for the first time that […]

The train came to a halt with a jerk. I woke-up to find that it was already morning and people […]

The sunlight pierced through the tall wooden windows with glass panes. As I opened my eyes, I felt the dryness […]

The new clean hotel room was as spacious as the other one, with the only difference that it did not […]

Every step I took towards that tinted-glass door was a step out of that bureaucratic hell. I was already trying […]

Many years back, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, I decided to go to the ex-Soviet states of Uzbekistan […]

It must not be a surprise to anyone if I tell you that Russia or the Russian Federation is the […]

Do you know which is the best place to read about “The Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece”, while you […]

For the last ten minutes I have been staring at my monitor screen, as if under a spell, observing the […]

The Mediterranean, probably, is the most popular summer resort region of the world. Yes there are tropical heavens, which dispense […]

Probably I should had skipped Berlin for some later time. I think the happening in Copenhagen was a sign. But […]

On my route south and eastward, Copenhagen was the only town where I had planned to pass the least amount […]

I left Oslo late in the evening, by bus to head to my next destination, Malmö, Sweden. The bus ride […]

Taking the weather into consideration and to overcome the boredom hovering in the Helsinki skies, I decided to take a […]

There are cities that pleasantly astonish you, when you arrive there for the first time. But then there are cities […]

You might have heard that things might not be what they seem or everything that glitters is not gold. And […]

If it would had been a lesson in geography I might had concentrated on telling you about the location and topography […]

If architecture is the art of how to waste space then the space around Marina Bay and Bayfront Avenue in […]

Every major city in the world should have an iconic dramatic and memorable landmark. There is Eiffel Tower in Paris, […]

The Koneswaram Temple in Trincomalee is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. And If you think that its name […]

Being born in the part of the world where street food is as commonplace as sunlight, I never thought that […]

There are 12 sphinx statues in Saint Petersburg. I want to say a couple of words about the most iconic […]

There are rock carvings, inscriptions and engravings in excess of 50000 pieces in Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan. These carvings mainly […]

Since the first day, when I took a flight of freedom from the country of my origin, which if you […]

Although China is a territorially large country, with the largest population and flying over most of the land, all you […]

Although in my last update we had already reached Budapest, but I would like to take you back a little […]

Watch photos from Budapest As I wrote earlier, we had three probable directions leading to three “B” cities of Bucharest, […]

Well it had been many days since we left Islamabad and the journey up North had started taking its toll. We were both feeling tired, but at the same time the places to follow supported a steady flow of adrenaline to tackle the tiredness.

In my childhood, when I would read an adventure book or watch an adventure movie, I always dreamt for prolonged periods of time afterwards to go to places unexplored and acquaint myself with customs unknown and simply to reach out and touch the distant horizon.

Although there is so much that can be written about Turkey and Istanbul in particular, but I am still very […]

The bus ride from Tehran to Istanbul was like a ride out of summer into winter, out of desert into mountains, out of restrictions into freedom, especially for the female part of humanity!!!.

I have decided to upload all the photos from Iran, uncategorized and directly in a post instead of an album. So have fun see all the images and note how not very ruined Iran is, as is depicted by global media. They have their…..

Standing in the queue, before the Persians would open the border gate, we had enough time to remember the times […]

In times of Ibne Batuta, travelling was hard, because one needed to travel on horseback or camel hump and if one would be lucky one would sail in a boat, where one did not have row.

Hi there!
I was supposed to write here about the initiation of our travel, but I am still making my mind up. So til I think of the thnigs that I should and should not write about, you can enjoy going through the photos that depict a very brief portion of our journey.

The city of Trincomalee is situated on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. It had deep harbours and the most secure ones in the whole country. These harbours are safe for any kind of vessels in all types of weathers.

What Sri Lanka has done in the last couple of years is nothing less than a miracle. This country has put an end to 30 years of internal war and has succeeded in bringing people closer to each other or at least as much as it was feasible in a short time.

With the Indian Ocean splashing on shore and all those coconut trees dispensing the breeze right into my face, it is nothing less than a feeling of heaven!

Alright guys, I hope you have seen the initial promo of our United Colours of Humanity series. Here we are […]

The first morning in Singapore greeted us with bright sunshine, a clear sky and an aura of welcome. We had our plans for capturing Singapore, only on tape, bu I’m not going to bore you with those shooting details.

Well the real journey took a lot longer than what you’ll see here. But in any flight these two procedures […]

Well a nice Sri Lankan Airlines flight, with cabin crew smiling and extending Sri Lankan hospitality, brought us to the […]

We were having a good time in Sri Lanka, but just like every good thing our pleasure time also came […]

Today we will again go to Colombo. You might be wondering why I didn’t tell you about our visit to […]

The sunset, which forced Chekhov to call Ceylon a heaven    

This is how I saw the sky in Colombo

Here we go. This is the first promo and we hope it will change as we go on.

Well my dear readers, don’t think that I don’t know how to spell “Candy”, byt this “Kabdy” is diofferent. This Kandy translates into tea. Well I’m not trying to be mysterious. Kandy is the region in Sri Lanka where most of the tea states are located.

“If the sun sets in heaven, as it sets in the bay of Bengal, trust me heaven must be a very beautiful place”, Anton P. Chekhov said this about Sri Lanka (Ceylon) after his visit in the early 19th century.

Getting up early the next morning, we succeeded in shooting the sunrise, which was all so important for our work. […]

We have already started out on our three country visit, with Colombo, Sri Lanka, being the first destination. We left […]