Tainted bliss

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The Mediterranean, probably, is the most popular summer resort region of the world. Yes there are tropical heavens, which dispense pleasure all year round, but the Mediterranean has something, which the Caribbean islands, or Maldives cannot offer.
The shortest description of the Mediterranean region is: white walls, terracotta roofs, emerald green water and beautiful sun-tanned hot babes.
Of course there is a lot more to this package of pleasure, endowed upon mankind by the nature. All of the attributes that I just mentioned above, can be decrypted into tons of descriptive epigraphs, but lately, the news out of this region, have not been so heartwarming. Thanks to the jumbled economic system of this world, the serenity of the Mediterranean has been tainted by the bloody term called the “Economic Crisis”. And believe me, the crisis is not limited to one state, but has engulfed the whole area. Those of the Mediterranean countries, which were lucky enough to bypass the menace of economic crisis, had their giant share of other crisis, like political and military crisis.
I will not list any particular crisis, because I am not here for crisis management. But I cannot help mention the all so well-known near economic collapse, faced by Greece. This bloody crisis nearly drove Greece out of the Euro zone and even nearly out of the European Union. It was hard for me to grasp the essence of the given crisis, initially. I could not imagine a strongly favorited summer tourist destination running into acute economic troubles. A country, which has historically been agricultural, could not have troubles with food supply. A country, which upholds and supports small and medium businesses, could not have run out of money. But, it had.
So coming to Greece and passing more than 2 weeks, talking to tons of people and drinking a lot of good quality, inexpensive beer (the adjective “inexpensive” is very subjective), I think I have finally found one of the main reasons of Greece’s economic failure.

Let me first tell you that at least in mainland Greece, I have not found cafes and bars longing for customers. I have been to a few towns until now and I have failed to find a vacant bar or cafe. As before, people still drink cold beer to pass their afternoons. They still prefer eating outside and they still don’t make coffee at home. I mean the morning coffee.
Yes I have noticed a lower number of tourists, especially in mainland towns, but in yesteryears tourists frequented the islands more than mainland, so this is not a consequence or cause. Greeks still take their midday nap and they still like long hours of discussions over a cup of coffee.
So my friends the crisis is more in the minds than in the lifestyle.
But there are some things that have driven the country closer to economic collapse and believe me this has as much to do with the deep rooted dishonesty of the people of this country as it has to do with German and EU financial fornication. Now to name things as they are, here we go:
Greeks employ illegal workers at lower wages and of course these employees do not pay any taxes and the employer does not also pay any taxes for or on behalf of the employees. Second big technique is hiring legal workers, making them work 12 hour shifts, but officially showing only 4 hour shifts. Hence paying taxes for one third of the factual work. Many factories are working behind closed doors. This is no rocket science. Factory owners simply close their front gates, place a “For Sale” board up front and keep on manufacturing, whatever they can manufacture. So when there is no production there is no taxation.
Similar and other tax evasion schemes are wide spread in the agricultural sector as well. But why am I trying to tell you this? This is the Mediterranean and the word Mediterranean means middle of the earth. The people in this region are in fact in the middle. The people from the Muslim countries in the Mediterranean region are Arabic by descent, but they exhibit a lot of European character traits. Similarly the people of the European part of the Mediterranean, although white and blonde still exhibit a lot of Non-European character traits. Just like non-Europeans, the Mediterranean Europeans don’t mind a little bit of dishonesty and deceit.
But on the other hand they also show lots of other non-European attributes, like being human and not machines. They are not calculative and they have empathy.
So my friends, as long as the sea is warm and emerald green, as long as the walls are white and the roofs are terracotta, and as long as the babes are sexy and hot, who gives a shit about the economic crisis? Pack your bags and just flow into the Mediterranean heaven called Greece.