We are already updating things!!!

343 Views - Published on - November 15, 2012 by Vera

Alright guys, I hope you have seen the initial promo of our United Colours of Humanity series. Here we are presenting an update, with added material.

We will keep on doing this update thing, as we get more and more material.

By the way our first episode regarding Sri Lanka is nearly finished and I hope we will be allowed to upload at least a part of it on the site.

But for now, watch this promo and do leave a comment, because we are open to criticism and appreciation…

This video might not be streaming as fast as from Youtube, but I cannot use Youtube, because a lot of my friends cannot access Youtube in Pakistan. In fact all of our friends and family and even the employer cannot access Youtube. If you are from Pakistan this line about Youtube is not for you.

Have fun and stay with us  To See It All!